How to Make a Smoke Shop Stay Open

The regulation of cigarette shops and smoke shops is needed and in the interest of the general public health, safety, and general welfare since there’s a significant likelihood of their establishment and subsequent operation within the vicinity of Arizona. Recent studies show that smoking prevalence is increasing day by day especially for those who live in and around the Arizona. Most of these smokers are under the age of 40 years old. This is a startling fact considering that the rate of smoking prevalence among young people is decreasing.

By creating a strategic plan for smoke shops regarding their location and future operations. Through this, we can ensure that they will not be disturbed by too much competition from other local businesses that may be selling healthier and less harmful tobacco products. A strategic business plan must address issues such as population demographics, target markets, and so on. And it must take into consideration factors such as land use and the availability of basic facilities.

It is suggested that Arizona State should enact a law that requires all cities, counties, or states to have a Tobacco Control Monitoring Program in place. This program could be funded by an additional fee on local taxes to combat the escalating tobacco prices.

On the other hand, a law requiring a city or county to regulate cigarette and tobacco products would encourage smaller companies to open up shops in neighborhoods that may have little potential customers. That means less revenue for the city or county and less money to help with all the day-to-day social problems. It will also likely drive up prices, which will only hurt consumers. And it is not clear how such laws benefit smaller, privately-owned tobacco stores that do not have access to the state or federal funds that the larger chain tobacco companies do.

The final way to ensure smoke shops in Tempe, AZ stays open is by ensuring that they are properly licensed to sell both tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. In Arizona, that means a license from the Tobacco Control Agency that shows the store has been thoroughly inspected and found to comply with all of the rules and regulations set forth by the state.

To qualify, a tobacco shop shall also display notices that inform customers about smoking and the dangers of using electronic cigarettes instead. This means that the sign posted at the front door reading “Tobacco Shop” or” Tobacco Retailers Department,” shall read “Tobacco Products only.” This ensures customers will not think twice about patronizing your shop instead of one of those chain restaurants.

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