Activities You Can Enjoy When You Go Camping

Camping is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors and escape from the busy modern world. But other than relaxing by the campfire, what do you do when you’re out in the woods or in the outback? There are loads of activities you can enjoy on a camping trip.


Fishing is a very popular choice of activity for camping breaks. This is because many people camp in areas with lakes and rivers, so you can get up early and cast your line. All you need is some fishing gear Australia, and you should also make sure that you get a licence if you need one, as some areas only allow a limited amount of fishing for environmental reasons.


While you’ll have to hike from the car park to campsite, you may want to also plan some other hikes during your stay. Hiking is a great activity to enjoy while camping because:

  • You don’t need much equipment – just good quality boots and supplies such as water
  • You can explore the surrounding area – you’re already out in nature, so why not see more?
  • If you hike and camp, you can explore longer trails, stopping along the trail at night to sleep

Hiking is a lot of fun, and once you get the required fitness level, you can start enjoying longer hikes and bigger challenges. You should follow established hiking trails wherever you can, as this will ensure the routes are safe and well-signposted.


If you’re going to an area with some good climbing facilities, then why not give it a go? Many popular camping areas have climbing spots where you can safely scale rock faces and more, and once you get to the top the sense of accomplishment is matched only by the views. Unless you’re a very experience climber, you should always go with a group. Camping and climbing are a great combination and allow you to explore some of the most amazing places on Earth.

Going camping can be a relaxing or an exhilarating experience, depending on what you like to do! While some people like nothing more than curling up by the campfire with a good book, others like to fill the days doing active stuff and getting their adrenaline pumping. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you plan your activities in advance so that you can pack the correct kit to do things safely.

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