What are safety glasses?


Safety glasses are classified under protective equipment. They are glasses that are used by people who are working for the sake of protecting their eyes against harmful and intense eye impact. They always act as a barrier or shield to protect your eyes from any foreign substances or debris that may injure your eyes or cause irritation.

Understanding more about safety glasses

safety glasses are glasses that can be worn by anyone. It all depends on the nature of the work and the requirement of the worker or user. Safety glasses are normally made of different types of lenses. They include anti-fog, clear, bifocal, tinted, polarized, low light, and shooting among other types. The main purpose of all safety glasses is to make sure that the eyes are protected from any hazard.

Eye hazards may arise from things such as flying debris that is solid, liquid chemicals, moving machinery impact, heat, intense light, and sparks.

Most of the safety glasses are made of nylon frames. They also have side shields to help them protect your eyes from any flying material. Your eye is a very sensitive part of your body and getting it injured or leaving it unprotected can cause serious health issues.

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