The Best Thank You Gift in Singapore: Expert Tips

Choosing the best thank you gift Singapore can be difficult. Of course, you want to get a present that is going to leave a lasting impression, but you also need something affordable and thoughtful.

So the first thing I would recommend doing is asking your friends what they have received as a thank you gift from their other friends. If any trends emerge from those conversations, then you know where to start looking!

Some best thank you gift ideas are:

– Food basket with wine or champagne bottles. If you are unsure what to get, this is an ideal choice because everyone can enjoy it. People love receiving food and wines as a gift! Plus, they won’t hurt your pockets too much;

– Flowers – the simplest way to say ‘thank you for making me feel special without saying anything at all;

– Books (especially if you know that person well enough). This classic present works like magic every time! The older or rarer the book, the better; but no matter how old or new it is, make sure you got one which fits their personality/interests best (don’t forget guidelines for writing about people in the article above);

– Vouchers or e-vouchers. This is great if you want your present to be versatile and usable for different occasions. Coupons are also good because multiple persons can use them (for example, a couples voucher). In addition, the concept of combining two different presents into one is always well appreciated!


Something else that’s personalized like a photo frame with photos taken during an event/trip where the person was involved or handmade items like bookmarks. These gifts tend to bring up enjoyable memories, which make them extra special.

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