There are different equipment used to smoke tobacco, herbs, flowers and other substances. A regular smoke wrap is not sufficient for most stoners and they might need to increase their hits for better pleasure.


These are equipment used to smoke herbs, fruits, tobacco and other substances. There are different sorts of bongs such as glass bongs, silicone bongs and gas mask bong. Bongs are selected based on preference. Bongs are known for their multiple piece structures. They have wider mouth holes, so they guarantee larger hits; hence they are mostly used by stoners that have a high tolerance and are able to withstand large doses. Stoners are prone to get high using the equipment for a short period.

They are used for dry substances; therefore, it is very likely for those that are not used to the substance to cough before getting used to subsequent hits.

Smokers go for bongs due to its compatibility with customization. A bong can be customized or fit with personalized pieces to suit the stoners taste.

These equipment are very easy to clean because the pieces of the equipment can be detached cleaned and reattached. However, one has to be very careful when cleaning them due to their large size. Glass bongs are very fragile and can break fairly easily if allowed to experience any severe shock. Storing them can be a problem as well due to their large size.


These are one piece equipment that use water to generate smoke. Equipment that makes use of water or other fluid for the smoke mechanism guarantees smoother hits than dry equipment.

They are commonly likened to the Sherlock Holmes glass as it is shaped as the classic equipment. They have small mouth holes; hence they might not provide sufficient hits for stoners who need to get very high. They are incredible for incognito smoking as they do not produce loud noise.

They are quite difficult to clean though due to their structure. These equipment can’t be separated or detached; hence cleaning them can be quite tricky.

However, they must be cleaned at regular intervals especially after changing the water inside and the fluid within must be changed regularly to prevent it from smelling.


Bongs and bubblers are examples of smoking paraphernalia and can be used by stoners who need larger hits than the regular wrapped blunts. Plus these equipment not only provide larger hits than wrapped blunts but also provide smoother hits.

They have to be taken care of to prolong the integrity of the equipment though. They tend to smell when they are not cleaned often and might not filter the smoke as much as it should.

They should be cleaned with gentle cleaning materials in order not to crack the glass or scrape it.

Stoners use either of both equipment depending on their preference. Some prefer bongs due to the higher dose of substance gotten while others go for bubblers as they provide smoother hits due to their water based mechanism.


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