Simple Steps to Follow and You Will Have the New LG Refrigerator Up and Running Quickly

Choosing the LG refrigerator model online was a thrilling and pleasant experience. After a huge discussion among the family members, a decision was made to buy an energy efficient model with a Smart diagnose feature. The spot was decided and measured before choosing the model. is a great online appliance store that caters to the needs of customers in Quebec. After the buying decision, it is time for thinking about installation. You can do it yourself using the instruction guide. If you are not a DIY type, then call the technician.

Simple steps to install the refrigerator

Unpack it outside

The refrigerator gets delivered in huge cardboard boxes. It is easy to unpack it outside. After you remove the packing parts, set them aside until the fridge is installed and running for some days properly. You may need them for repair or replacement, if you find a defect in the unit.

Inside the fridge, all the drawers, shelves, and other components will be all packed and taped. Set all these aside to avoid damages, while installing. Don’t remove the door’s plastic because it protects the fridge from getting scratched while moving it inside.

Move the fridge inside

Use a hand truck or a dolly to move the fridge. Tilt it on one side for weight balance on the dolly. If there are stairs then carry it in an upright position and move cautiously to avoid bumping it. Never place the fridge upside down or on its side because it can damage or deteriorate the compressor.

Remove the doors

Large units are hard to move across the doorways. Refrigerators have removable doors, so unbolt them. The fridge becomes sleeker and can be easily moved inside the kitchen. After installing you can bolt the doors again.

Check the gap

Never skimp on gaps. The fridge will work but not efficiently. Its life can get shortened as it struggles hard to eliminate the heat. Even check the clearance spot for easily opening the door.

Slide the appliance in

The space, where you need to install the fridge, has to be clean. There has to be a connection for power and if you bought a model with tap there will be a need for a water connection. Slowly slide the refrigerator inside with front legs off the ground. Check the gap on every side to ensure that it is as recommended in the manual. Replace the doors, if you had removed them.

Install the trays and shelves, close the door. Wait for some time to allow the fridge to settle down before you start it.

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