Knowing What Questions To Ask When Purchasing Gemstone Jewellery

When you are looking to purchase gemstone jewellery, you should ask some pertinent questions before committing to the sale. If you have no experience buying this type of jewellery, you can easily overpay for it if you are not careful. Ideally, you will want to educate yourself on gemstones before purchasing, and there are also some vital questions to ask. Below are some of the questions you should be asking to ensure your gemstone jewellery will be an excellent purchase.

Where Do The Gems Originate?

You will want to start with an easy question and ask the seller where the gems originate. They can come from almost anywhere globally, depending on what type of gemstone jewellery you are looking to purchase.

Has The Jewellery Been Appraised?

You will also want to ask if there is an appraisal for the jewellery you are looking to purchase, which is excellent to have when you need to get the piece insured. If there is an appraisal, you will want to ask whether the seller has done it, or a third party did it. It is much better to have an appraisal from an independent third party if possible.

Have The Gemstones Been Enhanced?

You will also want to ask about the gemstone treatments and enhancements in the jewellery you are looking to purchase. Many gems are enhanced somehow, which can approve the colour, clarity, and overall aesthetic appeal. If they have been enhanced, you may also want to inquire whether then gemstones come with certificates, which gives lots of information about the gems regarding their quality and any enhancements.

Where Was The Jewellery Made?

You may also wish to know where the jewellery was made. This information can also give you an indication as to its quality. As well as knowing where it originates, you will also want to ask how it was made. If your jewellery comes from China, it will most likely have been mass-produced in a factory and will be of lower quality than handmade jewellery.

Do You Offer Any Guarantee With The Jewellery?

You will also want to ask what guarantees the seller offers with the jewellery and what it entails. Depending on where you purchase it, you will have some consumer protection, and if they do not provide much in the way of a guarantee, paying for it by credit card may be best. You get much more consumer protection when purchasing with a credit card that can help cover you if something untoward happens with your jewellery purchase.

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