Women’s Summer time Clothing – Popular Urban Clothing Brands

With regards to womens summer time clothing, women love to look great which means obtaining the latest within the urban clothing brands. Selecting the best clothing that suits their tastes and attitude is essential in clothing. Now more than ever before women wish to look the very best they are able to take a look at all ages. Choosing the best brands that may provide the right fashion could be a difficult job. However, there are lots of great urban clothing lines for ladies. Here are the popular brands:

Apple Bottoms

This clothing line began through the wrapper/singer Nelly together with his cousin Yomi Martina and Ian Kelly. Why this brand grew to become very popular is they offer women fashionable designs in plus size apparel. Apple bottoms clothing was inspired by Nelly because his philosophy is the fact that a lady shouldn’t attempt to fit the garments, the garments should fit the lady! The company premiered solely like a jeans label and it has since been through many major changes and line expansions. The Apple Bottoms label includes apparel, footwear, handbags, eyewear RX, intimates, shades, accessories, jewelery, cold temperature put on and girls’ apparel.

House of Dereon

This urban clothing line for ladies began by artists that are recognized for showing women the ability they are able to have through her songs. That artist is Beyonce Knowles. The Homes of Dereon is really some pot project between her and her family, especially her mother. The styles and concepts are inspired by three generations of ladies in the household. The name Dereon really is really a tribute to Beyonces grandmother Agnez Dereon.

This brand is made well-liked by a lot of women if this demonstrated them what true ladies have to display to the world. This brand is built to accentuate a ladies curves and never hide them. Beyonce and her sister Solange Knowles made the decision to grow the company and launched the junior Dereon line that is about the more youthful consumers and it is affordable.

Luxirie Clothing

Birthed in the same company that introduced us LRG, Luxirie clothing has proven itself not only to be considered a quality brand with remaining power, it’s also proven it has very rapidly become referred to as a fashion leader among ladies urban clothing. Luxirie clothes are certainly the feminine side from the LRG company. Their products are sexy, sophisticated, and try to awesome to make sure you stick out while searching modern and classy.

Black Label Pink

This specific urban clothing lines are still happening and gaining recognition among women. Blac Label Pink can provide exactly the same fashion believe that its predecessor Blac Label offers in designer clothing. The company grew to become rapidly popular due to its styles cheap it shows people what true urban living is about through its clothes.

Baby Phat

The main one main factor that made the infant Phat collection very popular with females was the sexy and classy founder Kimora Lee. This is among the world’s top brands in women’s urban clothing. This clothes are attractive, feminine, glamorous and sexy. The road itself includes outerwear, handbags, footwear, lingerie, jewelery along with a two special edition of Motorola phones along with a signature scent. The truth that Kimora used to be a high fashion model and it was married to rap tycoon Russell Simmons has provided her the understand how to build this impressive line.


The corporation has many worldwide flavor. Their outwear continues to be known as amazing! It’s not the type of clothing you can call all Rap or an excessive amount of Urban. It features a wild and free experience them that each youthful lady may wish to have. The truth is Coogi is towards the top of their email list with regards to good and sheik clothing that’s functional and each day.


DKNY isn’t just about clothing it’s about the design and style that ladies wish to. If you notice the label DKNY on the outfit long will appear good! The corporation is about designs, fabrics and workmanship. These pieces are suitable for the rap nobleman and queens around the globe.

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