10 Healthy Gift Sets to Kick Off Your Happiest New Year Ever!

A lot of things have happened in the world over the past few months that have increased our collective stress levels. However, the holidays are behind us, and plans for a healthier 2022 are full swing.

And what better way to set the tone for a new year than with some healthy-living tchotchkes? So whether you’re gifting these items to someone special or are treating yourself, here are ten gift sets that will inspire health and happiness in the new year:

For your employees who work hard

We want to give a spot for those who grind, who wake up early and look forward to the rush of working in the same atmosphere. These corporate gifts for employees will motivate them to keep up their hard work.


While this gift item is more of a personal gift than a team member gift, a Fitbit is one of the most convenient gifts to get your employees going. It can record steps, calories burned, and even sleep patterns. In addition, it’s a motivational gift because it tells them how active they are, as well as when to get up and when to have that nap.


Another gift for your employees is a yoga mat. It also works well for individuals who would like to practice at home. Yoga mats can be expensive, but you don’t have to break the bank getting one with this list


When someone is recovering from an injury or illness, a bed mat that positively stimulates the body can be precisely what they need. This bed mat will help with spinal health, circulation, and relaxation.

For your spouse or partner who needs a little love and attention


This full-body set can be a pampering gift for your partner, spouse, or boyfriend. The body care gift sets are infused with natural ingredients that are supposed to positively affect skin and hair.


A gift for the fitness buffs, yoga pants, or an exercise outfit is perfect for your partner. The set should include a top and bottom and can be one that can also be used during working out.


A recent study showed that women are looking for a fragrance that gives a positive impression. A good choice is the body mist. This set should contain moisturizer and body mist to give your loved one that extra feeling of well-being.

For your kids and grandkids

7. Fruit basket

A fruit basket makes a great gift item for kids and grandchildren. They’ll receive a variety of oranges, apples, bananas, and other fruits. The set should include fruits in season to maximize the nutrition they receive from eating those fruits.


Look for aesthetically-designed sleep sacks. This can be a great gift for the kids because they’ll look cute when they’re wearing their new sleep sack, and it’ll help them get a better night’s rest during the winter season.

9. Vitamins and supplements

Your kids may suffer from certain nutrient deficiencies, hindering their growth. Give this gift set and make them feel more confident to fight their way through any illnesses.

10. Healthy snacks

Whether your kids are in the weight-loss phase or they just want to stay fit by eating healthy snacks, this is a great gift set. The set should include a variety of fruits and vegetables and high protein sides like nuts and seeds.

There you go! 10 thoughtful and healthy gift sets. Now go get your New Year’s planning done.

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